We can develop pressure sensor for applications ranging from ambient measurement at altitude of high pressure oil measurement. Our innovative design of modular building blocks allows convenient customization of the sensor to various pressures, fluids and other applications. By using a dual sealed diaphragm design, we achieve convenient maintenance of the sensors. We can offer the following types of pressure sensors

1. LVDT based pressure sensors: Designed using a high temperature resistant diaphragm and a rugged epoxy sealed LVDT, we can deliver high performance absolute pressure measurements. These sensors can be customized as per their mounting locations and external form and fit. The absolute pressure sensor can be calibrated to function as an altimeter.
    Measuring range: 0.2 to 3.4 bar
    Input power: 6-36VAC, 400-10,000Hz
    Operating temperature: -45C to 150C
    Relative Humidity: 95% +/- 3%

2. Piezoelectric pressure sensors: These are robust sensors with no moving parts wherein the pressure applied on the sensing element generates a charge output. They do not need any external power and are insensitive to external electromagnetic interference. They are capable of operating in very harsh operating conditions. The data acquisition circuitry for using these sensors, however, is more complex than that for LVDT based sensors.
    Measuring range: 0.01 to 100 bar
    Operating temperature: -45C to 250C
    Relative Humidity: 95% +/- 3%