Tejase Aerosense Pvt Ltd is an Indian owned company focused on development, manufacturing and marketing of sensors for aviation applications. We are primarily focused on sensors for the measurement of temperature, pressure and displacement/rotation. We are based in Mumbai and have close links with leading Indian academic institutions.

Tejase Aerosense is promoted by veterans in the field of sensors and measurements with a combined 5 decades experience in this area. We are a company with deep technical roots and are driven by technology development. Our expertise is in developing reliable, robust sensors suitable for performing in harsh conditions. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have robust internal testing protocols to ensure quality and compliance.

All of our sensors are customized as per the requirements of our customers. We can customize temperature sensors for various measurement ranges, sensors for pressure and allied parameters such as altitude and airspeed as well as sensors for measurement of displacement and rotation. Please do get in touch with us for your measurement requirements