Temperature Sensors

We offer customized temperature sensors for engine, cabin and other on board applications. Custom materials and sensor technologies such as thermocouples, radiation temperature measuring solutions and RTD  with both analog and digital outputs are offered.  We offer retrofitting of temperature sensors based on application and instrumentation. Depending on the accuracy needed, we can design a sensor to match your requirements. In case a replacement for an existing sensor is required, we will upgrade the sensor used as per the latest calibration norms and compatibility with older avionics, if required, will be achieved through digital signal translation.

Pressure Sensors

We offer absolute and differential pressure sensors based on LVDT and piezoelectric signal outputs. These sensors can be customized based on aircraft type and application. These sensors can be used to measure both air and oil pressures and the air pressure can be calibrated to determine the altitude. We can design a sensor based on customer requirement or retrofit an existing sensor with our sensor which will match the mechanical dimensions and the electrical characteristics. In case an old sensor is to be replaced, we will upgrade the sensor to incorporate the newest technologies and deliver better performance while maintaining compatibility with customer avionics.