We design and develop pressure sensors-absolute and differential for airborne applications. These sensors could be used for absolute pressure measurement, altitude measurement and air speed measurement when connected to a pitot tube. The sensors are design to have easy maintenance and be robust. Based on application, we can offer both MEMS based pressure sensors as well as sensors based on diaphragm movement. The measuring element can be either a LVDT or a potentiometer based on requirement and a signal conditioning circuit can be integrated in order to generate the output required by the avionic systems.

LVDT based pressure sensors: Designed using a high temperature resistant diaphragm and a rugged epoxy sealed LVDT, we can deliver high performance absolute pressure measurements. These sensors can be customized as per their mounting locations and external form and fit. The absolute pressure sensor can be calibrated to function as an altimeter.
Measuring range: 0.2 to 3.4 bar Input power: 6-36VAC, 400-10,000Hz Operating temperature: -45⁰C to 150⁰C

MEMS based pressure sensors: MEMS based sensors have a silicon micromachined dia-phragm integrated into the integrated circuit and a resistive output is generated which is proportional to the pressure applied. The type of sensing element can be chosen based on the range of pressures to be measured.
Measuring range: 0.01 to 100 bar Operating temperature: -45⁰C to 120⁰C